Get Unstuck, Achieve Your Life Goals and Find Greater Fulfillment with Life Coaching

Why choose Life Coaching? 

In Life Coaching sessions, I work to create a “working and thinking” partnership with individuals and couples to support, provide information and guide them through individualized plans to increase vital relational skills, develop conflict resolution skills and offer tools to deepen intimacy and pleasure in life. I enter into coaching with the belief that the individual or couple I am working with is fully capable of finding the success in life they are seeking. The aim is to guide and support you in the process of moving from where you are today to where you would like to be tomorrow and in the future.

What is the difference between Therapy and Life Coaching?

The key difference between Therapy and Life Coaching boils down to focus.  Therapy concentrates on your inner workings, mental health and emotional healing, while Life Coaching has a more external, goal oriented focus.  Therapy is about healing from the past and Coaching is about helping you move on to the future you envision for yourself.

Who is Life Coaching for?

Life Coaching is ideal for the person or couple looking for greater fulfillment in their life. Oftentimes on our own we get stuck, we may begin to feel stagnant or continuously find similar obstacles cropping up in our life.  When we work together you’ll gain the tools, learn to shift your mindset and develop strategies so that you can be better prepared to face challenges, connect more deeply and continue to grow while moving towards your next goal.  

I look forward to connecting and helping you create the change you hope to see in your life!

Is Life Coaching only available in Houston?

While I traditionally offer in-person life coaching in the Houston area, our offices in Houston’s Montrose area and The Woodlands are currently closed. But you can take your first step towards the life you dream of living today with Online Telehealth Life Coaching sessions now available to those in Texas, North Carolina and Florida. 

Office locations in Houston's Montrose area and The Woodlands are currently closed.
Now serving Texas, North Carolina, and Florida via Teleheath Sessions!

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