How much does therapy cost?

Your therapy cost will vary by service. See options for individual, couples & family and life coaching below.

For Individuals


For Couples & Families


Life Coaching


When considering the value you get in return, therapy cost will seem so small. For more information about our services please see the couples therapy, infidelity, sex therapy, individual therapy, or life coaching pages.


At this time, I DO NOT take insurance, however depending on your plan you may be qualified for reimbursement using out of network benefits. After you confirm with your insurance company, I can provide you with a receipt with necessary information for you to submit.

Any questions? For any additional information, please visit our FAQ page. Or you may contact me by phone at 832-878-2936 or email me at askjane@centerforchangewc.com. Any action begins your journey to change and well-being.

Office locations in Houston's Montrose area and The Woodlands are currently closed.
Now serving Texas, North Carolina, and Florida via Teleheath Sessions!

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