How much does therapy cost?

For Individual Therapy


(50 minutes)


For Couples & Sex Therapy

$275 (75 min)

$185 (50 min)


Texas LPC Clinical Supervision

$150 – $350 monthly

Please contact Jane

For more information call: 832-878-2936 


At this time, I DO NOT take insurance, however depending on your plan you may be qualified for reimbursement using out of network benefits. After you confirm with your insurance company, I can provide you with a receipt with necessary information for you to submit.

Any questions? For any additional information, please visit our FAQ page. Or you may contact me by phone at 832-878-2936 or email me at [email protected]. Any action begins your journey to change and well-being.

Office locations in Houston's Montrose area and The Woodlands are currently closed.
Now serving Texas, North Carolina, and Florida via Teleheath Sessions!

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Connect with Us

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